Dog Bites Law: An Introduction

A lot of people become victims of dog bites annually which also result to injuries. Having a dog bite is serious so, it"s important to know the law related to this in your state.

An understanding of dog bites law can help you determine if you can file any charges to collect damages for your injuries.

Owner Liability

It"s easy to win a dog bite claim if you have proof that the owner of the dog is liable for the dog"s actions. Various states may have different laws so, it"s necessary to research your state laws.

There are three types of dog bite laws:

  • Strict liability
  • One bite laws
  • Negligence Laws

dog_biteStrict Liability Laws

These laws will give you a great chance in claiming against the owner of the dog that bit you. A dog owner will be liable for almost all kinds of injuries the dog may cause. This also applies for dogs that has never injured anyone before.

There are some exceptions though which needs to be considered. If you trespass on the dog owner"s property or if you"re taunting the dog by hitting.

One Bite Laws

The dog involved must show signs of dangerous propensity or a tendency to cause violent actions in a given situation, before the owner can be held liable for any injuries.

Dangerous propensity can be determined dogby a number of factors. The most common one is the fact that the dog has bitten someone before. The owner should know that the dog has the tendency to hurt someone else because of its history.

Other factors may include: the dog forced to wear a muzzle, has a habit of snapping at people or if the owner constantly warns that the dog is capable of biting others.


A dog owner maybe considered to be negligent if his or her actions are found to be careless which resulted to another"s injury by dog bite. Examples of negligence may include not adhering to leash laws, not securely placing the dog in a pen and not taking reasonable actions in preventing the dog from biting people.

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