Tenant"s Rights: What You Need To Know

You like the idea of renting your own space but everything becomes a terrible experience when your radiator"s busted in your apartment. You try to complain but your landlord"s not making any action or response to fix the problem.

This is when you need to be educated about your rights as a tenant and how to deal with housing law violations. Here are some basic things you need to know about tenant"s rights.

apartmentBe protected by the Fair Housing Act

No landlord can refuse housing to a tenant based on nationality, race, sex, familial status, disability or religion. Discrimination is not tolerated any instances of discrimination is to be reported immediately.

State laws also have tenant rights

Every state may have it"s own laws regarding this matter so, it"s necessary to do some research on the laws in the state you"re in.

rentYou have the right to be in a livable condition

Tenants have the right to live in a space that is considered habitable which means having electricity, heat and so on. However, state laws may vary about how a landlord is required to provide certain conditions.

Be a responsible payer

Landlords have the right to evict tenants who stop paying rent, whatever the reason is. Some state laws allow landlords to lower the rent if the unit is unlivable for a number of days. It"s unacceptable to refuse paying the rent to provoke your landlord to do some maintenance.

Everything should be documented

When you move in to a new space, you can take photos of every room and note any repairs that needs to be done. Keep dates and paperwork of any repair request as evidence to your claim.

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