What To Know About Birth Injuries

Having a child is one of most wondrous moments in a parent"s life. However, it would become a painful experience if your child suffers from a birth injury. If you"re an expecting parent, you need to be informed about what birth injuries are and the basics.

babyA birth defect and a birth injury has a difference between them. A birth defect is any disorder that a child is born with. On the other hand, a birth injury is acquired when a newborn gets injured before, during or after the birthing process. Therefore, birth injuries can be avoided while birth defects are unavoidable.

An estimated number of 28,000 babies are born with birth injuries each year in the U.S. Most of birth injuries care a result of miscommunication between the medical staff and physicians.

According to the law, physicians must report any deformity or disability to the parents before delivery. It"s necessary to know if there any health issues that should be corrected.

baby2A birth injury may be determined according to the status of your baby at birth. However, there are some injuries can go unknown for some period of time. Check the color and the condition of the baby at birth to determine any changes in his or her health after delivery.

You need to be educated on birth injuries to prevent them or easily recognize them. It"s okay to confront your doctor if you have any problems before, during or after delivery.

Birth injuries mostly happen in instrument-assisted vaginal births than the non-instrumental ones.

If you suspect your child to be a victim of birth injury, you can start by documenting his or her symptoms, the events during the birthing process and any witnesses. Keep your medical bills and the name of the doctors associated with your child. Avoid talking with the insurance representative of the hospital or doctor. Direct your concerns to an experienced lawyer immediately.

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